More and more athletes are becoming aware of CBD oil and fitness

More and more athletes are starting to make a connection between CBD oil and fitness when seeking to improve their athletic performance. reports on athletes adding cannabis to their workout regime. This contradicts the stereotyped image people hold of ‘stoners’ lazing around on couches and reaching for junk food to still their ‘munchies’. Athletes incorporate […]

CBD for Dog Epilepsy-Vicky and Terik’s Story

“CBD was a natural choice” When Terik the Rottweiler puppy, started experiencing idiopathic seizures, his devoted owner searched high and low for a way to help her beloved pup. Read our community member Vicky’s story, on how CBD oil helped Terik find relief. This International Pet’s Day we thought we would highlight the special relationship that we […]

How to Reduce Travel Stress with CBD?

As more and more people start to discover the potential benefits of CBD. Using it whilst you travel could be a fantastic solution for anyone who is scared of flying, due to its legal status and non-psychoactive properties. It could be ideal for those who want to get some rest on long-haul flights and can even […]

Get your FREE pack of CBD crystals!

endoca Our #CBD crystals are a real fan favourite here at #endoca🌱 They’re perfect for vaping, putting in your home-made edibles or even for cooking some doggie treats with! They’re #THC free – and you can even make your own #CBDoil 🌱 Spring is the season of new beginnings so here’s something special just for you. Get a FREE pack of CBD […]

Endoca Oil Extraction Process, Terpenes, Raw & Decarboxylated CBD Explained

Endoca oils have been extracted using super-critical CO2 method. They have their full terpene profile in tact, ie raw oil  and raw paste. Decarb oils are this same extract which has been put through a heating process causing them to decarboxylate. This heating process, bringing to a temperature of 125 degrees, basically cooks the extract. […]

Anti-inflammatory cannabinoids for skin diseases

  Anti-inflammatory cannabinoids could relive a lot of unpleasant conditions. Researchers from the University of Colorado recently reviewed multiple studies and found that cannabinoids might be an effective topical treatment for an array of skin diseases. Dr. Robert Dellavalle, senior author of the study, is an associate professor of dermatology at the university’s school of […]