The #1 secret other CBD companies won’t tell you…

The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...

Cannabidiol (CBD) is slowly wedging itself neatly into mainstream medicinal and pharmaceutical industriesand is garnering a following of devotees that come from all over the world.

And it’s no wonder when people like you and me are screaming at the top pitch for law reforms that will allow us access to nature!

We want you to know the difference, so that the next time you navigate the CBD universe, you are fully equipt to distinguish between CBD oils on the market.

We’ll share with you the biggest secret that other companies selling CBD won’t tell you It’s all about…………


Now, what exactly does ‘full spectrum’ mean and why are CBD companies everywhere touting ‘full spectrum CBD’ over CBD oil?

Nowadays, we can shop online, find a seemingly trustworthy website and within a few short minutes, we’re filling in our bank details inthe checkout.

indulgently rubs hands together: mission accomplished

And here comes the but …

BUT you find that on receiving your advertised ‘package of goodness’, there is very little information about the product, ingredients or even a guarantee of the amounts of each compound; or whether it even contains any of the ingredients they said would be in there.

And really, it comes down to a very unregulated CBD industry.

So at this point, it’s really up to you to navigate the web with your great expertise and knowledge; which will be far superior once we’re through.

What’s The Secret When Choosing Your CBD Oil?

Full spectrum or oil – what does ‘full spectrum’ really mean and why do CBD companies promote their products in this way?

The message that companies are trying to impart when they market something as ‘full spectrum’ is that their extracts contain a full range of minerals, terpenes, flavonoids, and other chemical compounds; like cannabinol (CBN), tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV), cannabigerol (CBG), and even a teensy bit of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, but at levels lower than 0.3%, depending on what part of the world it is produced), which are all found naturally within industrial hemp.

Why would companies choose to make a big song and dance about their products being full spectrum when it’s CBD we are really after anyway?

Well, due to something called the entourage effect , which is the belief that ‘the whole is greater than the sum total of the parts’, companies are finding that the target market for CBD is now turning their attention to CBD products comprised of a full range of components (some are listed above).

So, even though there is, as of yet, no conclusive evidence that point to the entourage effect being a proven science, it is certainly becoming a very popular theory that many are taking on board – and that companies are jumping on board.

This information isn’t meant to contradict CBD oil’s efficacy but is only meant to illuminate the importance of understanding full spectrum vs oils, before you buy.

Full spectrum CBD certainly holds its own very important space in the CBD market, as many people cannot include the compounds found within full spectrum CBD in their health routines due to sensitivities or possible complications.

Many CBD companies also promote and promise that their ‘full spectrum’ products contain ‘over 200 cannabinoids’. This is nothing short of a fallacy, and you should be very wary of companies that are happy to mislead their customers in this way.

So far, there have only been identified approximately 80 cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, and those spruiking wares that are said to contain far more are dreaming.

So, now that you’re more aware, you’re probably wondering how to navigate between quality and frauds!

We advise you to only choose CBD products from companies that provide:

  • Third-party lab reports

If you have access to this, then you’re on the right path! This ensures that there is no tampering with evidence, which can be a risk if the lab reports they offer are made in-house, and third-party lab reports also ensure that all the components of your CBD extract is accounted for or identified.

  • Up-to-date batch reports

(link to our latest batch report), made available on CBD company websites, gives you information on what you can find within each new batch of extracts produced by that company; with measurements of the compounds in the extract as well as any traces of heavy metals, toxins, moulds, bacteria, or other compounds that could be present in the extract that perhaps shouldn’t be there.

  • Always choose organic products… 

…if you have the means, as these are the purest and shouldn’t contain harmful ingredients.

If these types of information are hard to find on a CBD company’s website, or if a company doesn’t tell you whether it is a third-party that has undertaken the lab report, it’s a good sign to make a quick exit!

We hope this has been an illuminating read for you, providing you with the knowledge to combat the plethora of insufficient marketing of unsubstantiated CBD products.

The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...

The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...
The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...
The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...
The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...
The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...

The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...

The #1 Secret Other CBD Companies Won't Tell You...

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